Backflow Preventer and Check Valve: What’s The Difference

Regarding backflow prevention, you'll encounter two main types of devices - a backflow preventer and check valve. So what's the difference between the two? A backflow preventer and check valve are used in various places where potable water meets non-potable water, like HVAC [...]

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Do I Need A Backflow Preventer On Sprinkler System?

Backflow prevention devices protect your drinking water supply from contamination caused by the accidental flow of non-potable water into the potable water system. Simply put, these devices help prevent dirty water from flowing back into your taps, saving you time and money on repairs. Suppose [...]

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General Requirements for Backflow Testing

Clean water arrives in most businesses through pressurized water pipes. While under normal circumstances, the water flows in only one direction, atypical conditions may result in backflow.  It occurs when a water main breaks or a hydrant is opened. Reduced water pressure levels [...]

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Importance of Fire Hydrant Inspection

Fire hydrants are an essential part of fire safety for homeowners and owners of commercial property. These devices can help prevent further property damage and keep people safe. They are often legally required on commercial and private property. Therefore, routine fire hydrant inspection and maintenance [...]

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Why Does My Business Need a Backflow Prevention Device?

Owning a business means you are likely worried about several things at any given time. But one thing you may not think of regularly is the threat of backflow. Backflow is a big concern, and without taking measures to prevent it, backflow can cause a [...]

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Annual Backflow Prevention Device Inspection

Backflow is the undesired reverse flow of used water back into the public water supply, which can be dangerous in certain circumstances. Therefore, backflow prevention devices are required on all industrial and commercial properties, including fire sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, and multi-family residential units. They [...]

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Smoke Alarms and Your Company’s Fire Escape Plan

Having a company's fire escape plan is one of the most important things to keep your business and employees safe. Unfortunately, fires are becoming an increasing threat as wildfires continue to grow yearly.  And in a large business, the chaos and panic during [...]

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Is My Dust Combustible? What to Know About Combustible Dust

Few people think about dust as something that may be combustible. But many manufacturing processes and industrial applications generate dust that may be combustible. As a result, combustible dust is a significant safety hazard across many industries, from food production to pharmaceuticals.  What [...]

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Common Sprinkler Myths You Need to Know

Fire sprinkler systems are integral in providing fire safety to commercial buildings. Fires - and especially those not contained quickly - can be devastating to property and endanger lives.  Fire sprinkler systems provide an easy way to protect your building and those in [...]

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