Why Does My Business Need a Backflow Prevention Device?

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Why Does My Business Need a Backflow Prevention Device?

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Owning a business means you are likely worried about several things at any given time. You may even have taken steps such as investing in concrete grinding services to ensure that the floor under your, and your employee’s feet, looks good, and is safe and able to handle the demands that the job can entail, especially for those in a more industrial setting, for as long as possible. But one thing you may not think of regularly is the threat of backflow. Backflow is a big concern, and without taking measures to prevent it, backflow can cause a public health hazard.

Backflow is defined as the undesired reverse flow of used water back into the water supply. It occurs when there is a change of pressure in water systems that allows the water to flow backward rather than moving forward. We might see the potential for backflow if pipes freeze, water mains burse, or if several fire hydrants are opened simultaneously.

In these scenarios, used water can flow back into the clean water supply, contaminating it. This used water can include everything from chemicals in pools to human and animal waste to fertilizers and pesticides. Backflow can pose a grave threat because the water supply would then be contaminated with dangerous substances.

If you are a business owner, you may wonder why your company needs a backflow prevention device. There are multiple reasons why backflow prevention devices and regular inspections are necessary, including:

  • Preventing Water Contamination: When discussing how backflow prevention devices work, the common explanation given is that they prevent water contamination. And this is one of the biggest benefits of backflow prevention devices. They do prevent water contamination by preventing dangerous pollutants and contaminants from getting into the water supply. Without these safeguards, the water may contain chemicals and bacteria that can make community members sick.

These systems protect public health by ensuring that the water supply remains uncontaminated. Potential contaminants may include cancer-causing chemicals in pesticides or fertilizer and dangerous pathogens from human or animal waste. Contaminated water could result in a major health disaster without backflow prevention systems, with many individuals becoming sick and potentially very sick.

  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance: Many states and municipalities have laws in place to ensure business owners install backflow prevention systems when required. There are also laws requiring regular testing, usually annually. If you fail to complete this, then your company may be subject to a fine or penalty. Avoiding these fines keeps your business compliant with safety regulations and protects the community.
  • Maintaining Property Values: Backflow prevention devices don’t just keep the water supply safe. They also keep your property safe. And a backflow prevention system that is faulty or doesn’t function can significantly decrease your property value. By having a working backflow prevention system in place that gets tested regularly, you can protect the value of your property. This action can also ensure your property maintains its attractiveness to potential buyers or tenants.
  • They lower risk: Any business owner knows that risk can come in many forms. Installing backflow prevention devices and inspecting them regularly is far more cost-effective than dealing with major contamination. If your business is the cause of contamination of potable drinking water, you may be on the hook for damages and environmental fines. Keeping your backflow prevention system in operational order is one great way to minimize your potential risk.

It’s easy to wonder why your company needs a backflow prevention system. After all, you may not even be aware that these devices are in the water system for your building. But as you can see, backflow prevention systems are critical for protecting your property, the community, and the environment.

To learn more about the benefits of backflow prevention devices, contact Legacy Fire today. Our knowledgeable team can help you with any installation or inspection needs your business has.

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